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2022 Alexander
The first commercially produced wine grape in the country. Our second harvest resulted in just 460 bottles. We processed this wine with American oak to replicate the wooden barrels that would have been used in the 1700s. Unforgettable aroma, like candied cherries or cranberries. Surprisingly dark garnet color for such a young wine. Fruit forward and mouth-filling, with a touch of youthful warmth. Light-bodied, like an Italian Sangiovese, with a long lingering finish of vanilla and cherry. History in a glass. But don't wait... because this vintage will soon be history.

2021 Oaked Norton
Inky dark red, with a strong bouquet of vanilla and chocolate. Warm and soft in the mouth, with a rich, dark berry flavor and that distinctive earthy character unique to Norton. About as close to a French Bordeaux as you can get with an American grape.

2021 Norton
Tart cherry flavors with a cranberry bouquet, followed by a quick, clean finish. Flavors linger on the palate. Youthful crimson color. Ready to drink now, but expect greater depth of color and flavor as it matures. Serve at room temperature.

2021 Marquette
We boosted this wine with a little bit of Norton and ended up with a big red that is lush and smooth. Dry, but so rich in dark fruit flavors you may think otherwise. Pair this one up with any rich, savory meal. Serve at room temperature.


2022 Chambourcin
Soft and pleasant from the very first sip. Light in body, like a French Beaujolais, but richer in fresh berry flavor. Wonderful bouquet. Pretty ruby color with exceptional clarity. A wine for the ages. Once again, we have a limited supply of this one, so please, try it before it's gone.


2021 Seyval Blanc
Rich and fruity, with a pleasant apple butter flavor. Grassy, mineral-tinged nose that dissipated in the glass. Long, lingering finish, with just a touch of acidity in the end to clean the palate. Serve chilled.

2021 Grower's White
A blend of two of our popular white grapes, Seyval and Itasca. Our goal is to create a light, refreshing wine that's fun to drink. Soft and smooth, with grapefruit overtones and just a touch of tartness in the finish. This is my 94-year-old mother's favorite wine.


2021 Itasca 
Notable for its lovely golden color, this Moscato-like wine has a wonderful honeydew melon flavor and a sweet floral aroma. Soft honey flavors and butter fill out the palate, followed by a clean, lingering finish. Great picnic wine. Serve chilled.


2022 Catawba
This wine's standout feature is not its lovely pale rosé color, but its incredible nose. How can any wine smell like a bouquet of flowers and a basket of fresh fruit at the same time? You want to breathe this one in. And when you finally do drink it, it is silky and smooth with nary a harsh note to be found.


2022 Strawberry
Once again, Rhoads Farm of Circleville provides us with absolutely perfect fruit. The result is an intensely flavorful, semi-sweet wine with a beautiful pinkish color and an intense aroma. 100% Strawberry, 100% Ohio.

2022 Apple Wine
For two years running, our most popular wine. Why? A magical balance of tart and sweet flavors that appeals to both dry and sweet wine drinkers. Haus Orchard and Cider Mill of Canfield provide us with harvest-perfect fruit which we immediately process and ferment in stainless steel tanks. The result is an intensely flavorful, semi-sweet wine with a beautiful golden color. Pack the picnic basket and head for the trails. It's springtime!


2020 Sweet Norton
No grape handles sweetness better than Norton. With just a touch of residual sugar, the flavors expand into a lush, big-bodied wine with a rustic, earthy character. Serve chilled for a refreshing treat, or at room temperature for a

Wine Slushies 
Fruit-flavored, ice-cold wine slushies made on site with our own wine. Fridays & Saturdays only!

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