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2022 Norton 
Youthful crimson color and an elegant bouquet of cherries. Warm and soft in the mouth, with that distinctive earthy character unique to Norton. Exceptional clarity, and a fresh, lingering finish.
Bronze Winner in 2023 Ohio Wine Competition

2022 Oaked Norton
A soft ruby red color, with a strong bouquet of vanilla and cedar. Smooth and rich, and loaded with dark berry flavors. About as close to a French Bordeaux as you can get with an American grape.

Bronze Winner in 2024 Ohio Wine Competition

2022 Marquette
Our most successful harvest to date for this early budding varietal: what a difference a frost-free spring makes! Considerably more elegant and refined than earlier vintages. As these vines age, we're seeing a more mature, focused fruit profile, and a longer, lingering bouquet. And that pinot parentage, well, it's starting to express itself now. Pair this one up with any rich, savory meal. Serve at room temperature.



2023 Chambourcin
Okay, Chambourcin fans, it’s finally here. Without a doubt, this is our best vintage to date. Mature vines bring full varietal character to the forefront in this most perfect of harvests. Intense, balanced flavors of dark fruit and cherries delivered in a splendidly light-bodied wine. Once again, we have a limited supply of this one, and as the legion of fans for this wine has grown over the years, it won’t be around long. Sorry, only sold at the winery.

Double Gold Winner in 2024 Ohio Wine Competition

2022 Seyval Blanc
Rich and fruity, with a pleasant apple butter flavor. Grassy, mineral-tinged nose that dissipated in the glass. Long, lingering finish, with just a touch of acidity in the end to clean the palate. Serve chilled.
2022 Amber Itasca
Another new release, and a first for us, is our Amber Itasca. These wines, sometimes called ‘orange’ because of their rich color, are white grapes fermented on the skins, just like red grapes are. For thousands of years, all white wines were made this way, so this is a bit of a throwback. The result is a white wine that, if you close your eyes, might be mistaken for a red. Lush and rich in the mouth, with a soft nutty flavor of baked apples and butter. A new frontier in winemaking using ancient techniques.



2022 Grower's White
Our Grower's suite is a collection of fun, easy to enjoy blends that are light, refreshing, and pleasant to drink. Our Grower's White is soft and smooth, with grapefruit overtones and just a touch of tartness to the finish. This is my 95-year-old mother's favorite wine.


2022 Grower's Red
This blend is a rich, Italian Lambrusco styled red without the fizz. Dry enough to enjoy with food, but also great around the campfire.
Pleasant grape and blackberry flavors fill out the palate,
followed by a lingering finish.

Silver Winner in 2024 Ohio Wine Competition 


2022 Grower's Blush
This is a blend of white and lightly pressed red grapes. Jaunty fruit flavors bounce around the mouth with more body than what you would expect in a rosé. Did somebody say picnic? Yes, the perfect wine for outdoor fun in the sun. 

Bronze Winner in 2024 Ohio Wine Competition


2022 Itasca 
Notable for its lovely golden color, this Moscato-like wine has a wonderful honeydew melon flavor and a sweet floral aroma. Soft honey flavors and butter fill out the palate, followed by a clean, lingering finish. Great picnic wine. Serve chilled.


2023 Sweet Catawba
Big grape flavor with a striking, unforgettable, orange-peel nose. Like bottled springtime, this wine's over-the-top fruit is just fun to drink. Beautiful amber color, and just dry enough to finish cleanly. 18.00/bottle.


2022 Sweet Seyval
Lovely honey apple flavor. Exceptionally clean and refreshing, and dry enough in the finish to make it an excellent wine to pair with seafood or one of our charcuterie boards. One of the greatest French-American hybrid grapes, no doubt about it.


2023 Blackberry Wine
Rhoads Farm of Circleville is our go-to source for big, beautiful blackberries. Fruity and mellow, with a lovely, lingering finish. Like all our fruit wine, 100% fruit and 100% Ohio. Serve chilled.

2023 Apple Wine
For two years running, our most popular wine. Why? A magical balance of tart and sweet flavors that appeals to both dry and sweet wine drinkers. Haus Orchard and Cider Mill of Canfield provide us with harvest-perfect fruit which we immediately process and ferment in stainless steel tanks. The result is an intensely flavorful, semi-sweet wine with a beautiful golden color. Pack the picnic basket and head for the trails. It's springtime!
Gold Winner in 2024 Ohio Wine Competition

2023 Strawberry Wine [SOLD OUT]
Once again, Rhoads Farm of Circleville provides us with absolutely perfect fruit. The result is an intensely flavorful, semi-sweet wine with a beautiful pinkish color and an intense aroma.
100% Strawberry, 100% Ohio.

Silver Winner in 2024 Ohio Wine Competition.


2022 Sweet Norton
No grape handles sweetness better than Norton. With just a touch of residual sugar, the flavors expand into a lush, big-bodied wine with a rustic, earthy character. Serve chilled for a refreshing treat, or at room temperature for a warmer-upper.

Wine Slushies 
Fruit-flavored, ice-cold wine slushies made on site with our own wine. Fridays & Saturdays only!

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